How To Stop Wrinkles And Fine Lines


Are wrinkles the problem only for women over 50?

Of course, it is not. Maybe many years ago, when the whole world was much safer and more free from stress the signs of aging did appear later that it is today. Unfortunately, nowadays already pretty young women and also men have to search for the best solution how to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

The reasons that cause wrinkles are plenty, the most popular are the sun damage, smoking, not enough moisture to your skin.

Still, if the damage is already done, you obviously have to search for some miracle method how to, at least, reduce if not to get rid of it completely.

Botox injections, really?

Yes, really this is one option if you do have enough free money to invest in reducing your wrinkles. Maybe this is not one of the most pleasant procedures in the world, still it works. In any case, you should never over do it, because then you will get a defect instead of the effect.

Our idea is why a woman cannot look young and beautiful if she really wants it. It the Botox injections will make her life much happier why to stop her from this step?

If a person becomes obsessed wth injections then, of course, you can not hope for good results, then the face will become completely unnatural and in the result, you will be even more depressed than before with all your wrinkles.

The secret in all these procedures is to maintain as much as possible a natural look. If you are capable of reaching such results you can presume that you are a winner.

Do all those anti-wrinkle cream work or are they simple scams?

The thing is that they work but not for everyone. You have to put some efforts to find the best skin care product or in this case anti-aging cream that would work for you.

There always will be disappointed people with every single product on the planet. But that should not stop you from searching your product. For one person LifeCell anti-aging cream gives amazing results, still at the same time you can read reviews from people that did not gain those so-called Botox injections effect.

All you have to do, is to be realistic. There are not any kind of miracles out there. There is a science, there are studies, there are real ingredients which can give you certain results.

The simplest thing you can do before you buy any anti-aging cream is to research ingredients. If you can find real studies with real results behind them then there is a pretty big chance that this skin care product can work for you. At the same time if you found that it contains something like a water as its main ingredient then you probably should not waste your time and money on it.


Cellulite And My Feet – How To Get Rid Of It


I’ve read so much read and wrote about cellulite, that at times it seems – what exactly new about it yet can you tell? I confess – I myself made a campaign to combat my cellulite. But it is compared with a Mission Impossible that quickly waved his hand. How to change tactics?

I understood it before summer

That day came out of the store, and I did not buy that beautiful dress, I even did not try it on. They were five minutes long, which I spent the fitting room, stare at my feet in the mirror. Had I managed to call my husband and asked – are actually they are my legs? He tried (but is unable) to hide the embarrassment. It was a cellulitis. Rather than such a one for which I used to smile – just a little bit and not already so crazy, but a huge monster that will not be asked was not invited to sit down on my legs. The girlfriend later said how cold I put my cellulite legs right to the nose of my husband at those bright lamps illuminated. Which woman does it? But in my eyes, I had like photographed my terrible looking legs.

No longer did not help neither lagoons in the normal light where the monster on my legs had lost their proportions, not my husband’s encouragement that it is not so crazy, nor any psychotherapist would say, “You know, who is not caught on cellulite?” “They are men, they really do not have any feelings about the cellulite! “. None of this did not help this time because to put it mildly, I was in shock, they still were there,  no matter in how bright light, those were my legs. My! So after a few days took an important decision – to go to the face and body aesthetics professionals to learn how to stop what is being seen as a bright light (or really the sun?), But after a few years will certainly be noticeable even in semi-darkness. Specialist says – the enemy should make a counter in the winter, but at the moment agree that many of us find themselves only in the summer. She also stresses the importance of regularity, but concurring nodding – she knows that many of us have time only for “campaigns”. But I’ve finally decided to change tactics – regular, not too difficult, but effective fight. Is it at all possible – easy and effective? Body esthetic specialist encourages – it is possible. This time, from the head threw at once self-proclaimed believe that cellulite – it’s in a giant marketing trick because this time the trick is touched my legs and I have a goal, if not reduce, then at least to stop its development.

A new turn

There is one new development in beauty – where in the past people though that fat cells and their reproduction is true cellulite culprit, it turns out that is based on another problem – the fat cells in the connective tissue, in which the existing collagen gradually shrinking. There’s nothing we can do because we are women, and consequently, the onset of the menstrual cycle generates in estrogen, which in spite of all the good, there is also the evil work – break down collagen. Connective tissue becomes weaker, and the external skin of the place as the anchor begins to fall, appears uneven skin and bigger waves show up. At the same time, slows down the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, stacks happens – there is neither liquid nor nutrients or oxygen exchange between fat cells. And cellulitis may begin to live. So it is necessary for connective tissue to become tighter.

If you are near the sea …

Sleep a little on hot sand – it will contribute to the expansion of blood vessels, blood flow acceleration and will’s “enemies” cellulite. On one condition – if then heat will create contrast with a cool swim.

In summer give a rest of the coffee

It is interesting that caffeine uses anti-cellulite creams because it has a beneficial effect on vascular tone while drinking coffee, stress hormones are released. Therefore, after a coffee drink two glasses of water.


  1. Already 1 month notice body aesthetics specialist advice, and the small morning program was easy to accomplish. It is flexibly joined my new agenda and has become a ritual. I think what I eat, running, cycling (soon also will swim), but as yet I am up until one night.
  2. My husband still takes a magnifying glass to see my cellulite, my praises. Glad that you take care of himself, he says.
  3. After a month, stand at the mirror normal lighting conditions, it seems that no obvious improvement can be seen, but the skin becomes softer and smoother (possibly the placebo effect, but it is a lot).
  4. Still have not dared to return to a store, because there’s a saying, “Mirror, mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful” fell like a house of cards.
  5. In order to fight cellulite, summer is the best time. It is warm, mood – great legs can caress, massage every moment, and around the greens to eat.
  6. A month ago I have decided to do without cabin procedures and follow developments.
  7. Tactics change was ready, only receiving shock therapy as cold Deus on the head. But I believe that you will notice it faster than me.



3 Tips How To Change Your Cellulites Treatment Tactics


1. Run

Or why physical activity plays a role in reducing cellulite? Cellulite can also be thin people and athletes. Why? The main reason for connective tissue weakness, but in the fight against cellulite, the physical activity required for activation of the lymphatic system, since it is only with the help of muscle is “be displaced by” lymph. If there is a serious cellulitis or if you had been lazy in the winter and only tagged Switch back to the sport, physical activity should be started gradually, because at very high load generates in lactic acid, the body becomes acidic. And again acidic preventing the development of connective tissue. It is recommended to work out more than twice a week, in addition to the load must be long-term (40-60 minutes), but the pulse – 120-130 beats per minute. Incidentally, do not forget that in the sea you can also exercise. Try this summer, not only to swim but also run in the see.Summer – the time of vegetable

2. Summer – the time of vegetables

Or why cellulite matter what you eat? If there are excesses in eating, if eat too much protein, the lymphatic system is no longer with it. It is, therefore, important to eat regularly, almost at the same time, avoid overeating. Cellulite case of a low-calorie diet or fasting does not help. However, the general cheerfulness and purging are beneficial reliever days. It has been discovered that cellulite dislikes phytoestrogens. They contain soy products regularly use can reduce and prevent the further development of cellulite.

3. Do not read until morning

Or why sleep properly? Stress and incomplete sleep with the release of stress hormones. Because it is a longer lasting effect, because weakened is the circulatory and lymphatic system, which again deepens the cellulite condition.

Few interesting facts about cellulitis

After running when you are sweated, touch your abdomen and thigh. If they are cold, you know – these cellulite-affected areas do not have blood micocerculation. With the help of massage, massaging and rubbing the skin, can improve blood circulation and lymphatic system.

Top 3 treatments

The most effective procedure against cellulite (fast is obvious result) can be called the latest technology “Vela Shape III”, which combines bipolar readiofrekvences energy, infrared radiation, vacuum and mechanical action (massage rollers), which at the same time exposed to both collagen and connective tissue, both fat cells and lymph drainage. Unlike Vela Shape II, this is three times higher radio frequency power. Interestingly, the new technology can effectively reduce the size of the body.

The still top is also a radio-frequency procedure, which results in loss of not only fat but at the same time also take place in the skin regeneration, skin density, and hardness increase. Cellulite affected cells be exempt from edema, accelerate blood circulation and improves microcirculation.  Even more intensive stimulation of collagen in the dermis and connective tissue fibers, skin regeneration and strengthening.

No matter how good would vacuum, it requires many procedures to see results. It is usually combined with other procedures because cellulite is important multifactorial minimized. The main principles of operation – activation of the lymph nodes, lymphatic drainage, fat cell metabolism stymulationg (fat cleavage and reduction), forming connective tissue and skin tone improvement.


A Simple Plan How To Fight Your Cellulites


Just 15 minutes – a daily program

Drink a glass of warm water with a lemon (because it reduces the acid reaction of the body). Did you know that an acidic environment is preventing the development of good connective tissue? In addition, the JKA is not taken enough fluid and blood and lymph thickens without being able to eliminate a significant amount of waste products.

If you, like me, every day drink three coffees, two cups of tea and half a glass of water, change tactics, gradually increasing the amount of water. Eight glasses of water a day is enough.

I go to shower. Before the shower “Bring ‘body: five minutes to thoroughly massage roller massage legs upwards until the skin turns pink. If cellulite is spread to the stomach, then use a circular motion clockwise. Then have a shower (at least five water exchange, started and finished with a cool water spray). Regular shower improves blood circulation and lymph circulation, cleanses the body of toxins and speeding up metabolism, but then rub thoroughly with a towel, leukemia emphasis on cellulite affected areas, just from the bottom up.

The first one and a half weeks of massage was painful because it did too diligently and vigorously. The thighs were a mass of bruises, but at the time was rainy and cold weather, do not worry about it. For other women to follow both recommend principle to go slowly, thus avoiding bruising. After 5-6 time fold the skin is used to the massage. By joining the warm weather, shift mode: now in the morning is just a shower and thoroughly rubbed with a towel, but in the evening, watching the news, perform with massage roller, because I want to go to work in a dress without red legs.

Pamper your legs with cream

Anti-cellulite cream, gel or oil? The latest products are no longer thick and oily consistency, as they are absorbed well and the choice remains the same terms. Anti-cellulite products are no longer just caffeine, green tea, seaweed extracts or theophylline derivatives, but also added phytoestrogens and various peptides.

Ideally, you will use the cream twice a day or at least once after a shower. I myself am doing twice a day and 1-2 times a week make peeling the body, otherwise, the skin is not breathing, and the imposition of preparation, the cream of the active substance so both penetrate into layers. By the way, you can pamper feet with olive oil, almond oil or other – cellulite very dislikes moisturizing.



Beauty Notes For A Happier And More Confident You


You deserve every day to feel like during the holidays!

The daily life of beauty products in the world creates a new product that promises more new developments on the road to beauty ideals. This time, look at the five news that might appeal to each of you.

More than oil

Vichy Neovadiol Magistral elixir – three active oil concentrate – can compensate for the loss of lipids in the skin, which is particularly suitable after menopause. It can be used in three different ways.

  • As the serum, applying a few drops to cleansed skin. The skin is immediately nourished and moisturized.
  • How balm by adding a few drops to your daily skin care product moments when skin requires an intense, deep moisturizing.
  • How to mask by applying ten drops to the skin and keeping for 10 minutes in order to obtain the greatest possible benefit from the valuable oil restorative properties.

Sensitive skin comfort

Artemis MED HYDRADERMIE Fluid – soothing and moisturizing fluid for sensitive skin. Contains edelweiss, allantoin, Panthenol and Acetyl Tetrtapeptide 40 acts as an anti-inflammatory complex. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture, smoothes, and push up the skin while Bisabolol derived from chamomile essential oils soothe the skin and reduce inflammation, as well as giving the skin a feeling of comfort, promotes skin cell regeneration after micro injuries.

Hollywood facial care – an innovative and painless

Forget the time when facial cleansing was a painful procedure that caused discomfort and redness. HydraFacial comfortable is an innovative procedure for skin care that combines deep cleansing facial with skin hydration and renewal. It is a real SPA procedure facial skin beauty. The skin becomes pure, it is hydrated, fresh and glittering – a great result that can be seen immediately and the further procedure continues to worsen. This technology made countless awards around the world and won the hearts of many a Hollywood star.

Strong hair strength – a new hair care line

Garnier Fructis Grow Strong is the new hair care line, which is especially suitable for brittle hair with a tendency to fall out. The products are fortified with ceramide and active fruit concentrate. Ceramides help replace lost lipids weak hair stalk, while active plant concentrate strengthens hair. A hair care line without shampoo, conditioner and mask include serum with a high concentration Stemoxydine to stimulate natural hair growth. All products are suitable for both women and men.

As a thriving flower

Carefully tended flowers bloom most colorfully. Your facial skin is like the flower – the better it will devote care, the more beautiful and more cared it becomes. Rose serum, is a great combination of natural substances that help the skin to better prepare the cream effects, the tone with active substances. The serum is easy to apply, well absorbed by the skin and lovely smells. Use to cleansed skin morning and night before applying the cream.